Historic case studies in great advertising and copy

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My all-time favourite piece of marketing copy is from 1958.

“At 60 miles an hour, the loudest noise in the new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock.”

Eighteen words to tell the story of luxury.

It’s the actions that you take that demonstrate how you feel

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Do you know the definition of the word respect?

Respect: To hold in esteem or honour, or to show regard or consideration for.

Is that close to what came to mind for you?

We’re endlessly sold the story that everything we build has to be amazing and a business.

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I want to give you permission.

Stop being afraid to stand out, show your passion and tell your unique story

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What is the story you’re trying to tell?

The businesses that I’ve been a part of all started the same way.

So what story do you tell?

Does it sound like every other story out there? Is it full of catchy buzzwords, or simple promises of success? Is…

Nothing else, especially early, will matter as much as how well you treat your customers

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One of the best marketers I’ve ever known was a garbage human.

There is nothing worse than missed opportunities — and Nike missed theirs with me

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I used to say that when it came to exercise, I would only run if I was being chased.

The one thing I wish every founder would do

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The Brighter Side Of Startup Life By Me ( Kerry Morrison )

Startup life is hard.

So hard, that my go-to answer when someone asks me whether or not I think they should start a company around an idea, is don’t.

Time and again we see people complaining that they can’t get their company to grow. Too often it’s easy to see why.

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Not Everyone Has A Product Universally Loved by Kerry Morrison

Your company, the one you work for right, likely hates its customers.

I’m not suggesting you’re openly hostile to the people who give you money, but I can guarantee you are doing things to make them feel unloved, belittled or taken advantage of.

For anyone building and growing a business, all the tools in the world won’t help you until you decide to talk about why

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Photo By Kerry Morrison ( me ). Amsterdam 2019.

Hey marketing person. Yah, you.

  1. Youtube / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram Ads
  2. Google / Bing / Yahoo ( yes people buy ads on Yahoo )
  3. Mailchimp / Constant Contact / Convertkit
  4. Salesforce / Marketo / Hubspot
  5. Buffer / Hootsuite
  6. Squarespace / Wordpress / Wix / Medium
  7. External PR / Influencers
  8. Content Marketing ( words and / or video )
  9. Moz / Ahrefs / SEMrush
  10. Messaging bots

A bunch of them, right? The modern, mainstream marketing toolbox.

How one word can make all the difference

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“The silhouette of a hand and arm being raised against a purple and pink sky in a field” by Bryan Minear on Unsplash

Why very well might be the most powerful word in the world.

Kerry Morrison

Currently helping great companies tell stories at http://www.wearegoodkind.com #video #storytelling #human

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