• Michael Caputo

    Michael Caputo

    Development and Rock 'n roll. BTC: 1MsnrK89f7RTS5F9VibejTGt8CpvxySYV2

  • JP Holecka

    JP Holecka

    CEO and founder of @POWERSHiFTER and I play around w/iPhotography, Love Travel & Tech

  • Alexa Clark

    Alexa Clark

    social entrepreneur, author, chief CheapEater, photographer & social media addict. Also @ceto @ceot @secretpickle & part of @hohoto

  • Jonathan Armstrong

    Jonathan Armstrong

    Freelance Art Director, Designer & music enthusiast. Worked with brands like Nike, Sprint, Wrigley's all the way down to local homegrowns like Canada Goose.

  • BondedPro.com


    BondedPro is a WAREHOUSE STORAGE COMPANY. Our current stock: Drinks,Cosmetics, Fragrances & Tobacco. Now Shop in bulk by visiting our website -www.bondedpro.com

  • Sean Melvin

    Sean Melvin

    Law Firm Finance Systems Consultant and Lecturer - tweet weekly about things that interest me and hopefully you. I DON'T BUY TWITTER FOLLOWERS!

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